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Laboratory & Pharmaceutical Scales

Laboratory and pharmaceutical scales are precision instruments used in chemical, physical, and biological laboratories, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. These scales are highly accurate, with many models being able to measure weight to within a thousandth of a gram. They are critical tools in the production and analysis of drugs, ensuring that the correct amount of each ingredient is used in the making of the drug. These scales are also used in research laboratories for accurate measurements of samples, with many models being able to weigh both solids and liquids.

Laboratory and pharmaceutical scales come in different types and sizes, with some models featuring anti-static coatings to minimise electrostatic interference that can affect the accuracy of measurements. They often have a wide range of features such as calibration functions, memory storage, and connectivity to other laboratory equipment and software. Additionally, many laboratory and pharmaceutical scales are designed with user safety in mind, with features such as draft shields and overload protection. With their ability to provide precise and reliable measurements in demanding environments, laboratory and pharmaceutical scales are essential tools for researchers, scientists, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, ensuring the safety and quality of products in these industries.


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Kern EHA Compact Precision Balance 500g - 3000g

The compact all-round weighing scale with robust stainless steel weighing plate for us in laboratories, industries and for teaching

Capacity: 500g | 1000g | 3000g
Readability: 0.01g | 0.1g | 1g
Platform Size: 105mm Diameter | 120mm x 120mm

My Weigh iBalance i101 Precision Balance 100g x 0.005g

The My Weigh iBalance i101 is an excellent economical laboratory and reloading precision balance c/w a large backlit LCD screen, a wind cover, calibration weight and mains...

Capacity: 100g
Readability: 0.005g
Platform Size: 116mm Diameter

Brecknell MBS Economic Precision Balance 300g - 6000g

The Brecknell MBS Precision Laboratory Balance is an economical alternative to premium priced analytical balances, ideal for laboratory, industry and educational.

Capacity: 600g | 1200g | 3000g | 6000g
Readability: 0.01g | 0.02g | 0.05g | 0.1g
Platform Size: 120mm Diameter | 175mm x 175mm

Kern 572 Robust Tough Precision Balance 241g - 24100g

The KERN 572 Precision Balance scale is an all-rounder precision scale for use as laboratory, counting or checking balance.

Capacity: 300g | 420g | 1600g | 2400g | 3010g | 4200g | 10000g | 12000g | 16000g | 20000g | 24000g
Readability: 0.001g | 0.01g | 0.05g | 0.1g
Platform Size: 160mm x 200mm

Kern DS Highly Accurate Industrial Platform Floor Scale 3kg - 150kg

The Kern DS series is an commercial platform scale with laboratory balance accuracy, available in capacities from 3kg - 150kg.

Capacity: 3kg | 5kg | 6kg | 8kg | 10kg | 16kg | 30kg | 36kg | 60kg | 100kg | 150kg
Readability: 0.01g | 0.05g | 0.1g | 0.2g | 0.5g | 1g
Platform Size: 228mm x 228mm | 308mm x 318mm | 450mm x 350mm

Kern PNS Precision Laboratory Balances 620g - 12000g

The Kern PNS series laboratory balances have a robust precision tuning fork weighing systems, along with a precision counting function.

Capacity: 620g | 3200g | 12000g
Readability: 0.001g | 0.01g | 0.1g
Platform Size: 140mm x 140mm | 190mm x 190mm

Adam Luna LAB Analytical Balances 80g - 250g

The Adam Luna LAB are impressive analytical laboratory balances with a clear backlit LCD display, USB & RS232 connectivity and 0.0001g readability. Plus 5 year...

Capacity: 80g | 120g | 210g | 250g
Readability: 0.0001g
Platform Size: 80mm Diameter

Adam Solis SPB & STB Precision Balances 360g - 8200g

With high capacities, readability, intuitive features and a high-resolution graphic display, the Adam Solis SPB & STB precision balances provide an outstanding laboratory...

Capacity: 360g | 720g | 1200g | 6200g | 8200g
Readability: 0.001g | 0.01g
Platform Size: 110mm Diameter | 190mm x 190mm

Adam Solis SAB Semi-Micro and Analytical Balances 120g - 510g

With a high-resolution graphic display and intuitive user friendly features, the Adam Solis SAB analytical balances provide an outstanding solution for a variety of...

Capacity: 120g | 220g | 310g | 410g | 510g
Readability: 0.00001g | 0.001g | 0.01mg
Platform Size: 80mm Diameter

Adam Equinox EPB and ETB Precision Balances 360g - 8200g

When performing highly detailed testing, the Adam Equipment Equinox EPB and ETB Precision Balances give exceptionally precise results up to 0.001g.

Capacity: 360g | 720g | 3200g | 6200g | 8200g
Readability: 0.001g | 0.01g
Platform Size: 110mm Diameter | 190mm x 190mm

Adam Equinox EAB Semi-Micro and Analytical Balances 120g - 510g

The Adam Equinox AEB Analytical Balances bring remarkable precision to laboratories, performing highly detailed testing, with intuitive colour touch screen display.

Capacity: 120g | 220g | 310g | 410g | 510g
Readability: 0.00001g | 0.0001g | 0.01mg
Platform Size: 80mm Diameter

Ohaus MB90 Halogen Moisture Analyser 90g x 1mg/0.01%

The Ohaus MB90 Moisture Analyzer offers great value precision percent moisture determination, halogen heating, RS232 connection and touchscreen display.

Capacity: 90g
Readability: 0.001g | 1mg/ 0.01%
Platform Size: 90mm Diameter