Commercial Scales

Commercial scales are devices used to measure the weight of different items in a commercial setting. These measuring tools are essential in various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, food service, and retail businesses. Commercial scales come in different types, shapes, and sizes, such as bench scales, platform scales, crane scales, and floor scales. They also feature different mechanisms to ensure accuracy, such as electronic, digital, and mechanical mechanisms.

One of the most significant benefits of commercial scales is their accuracy. Commercial scales provide businesses with accurate measurements of the weight of different items, essential for product labelling, inventory management, and quality control. They are also reliable, durable, and long-lasting, making them suitable for use in a wide range of commercial settings. Overall, commercial scales are an essential investment for businesses that require precise measurements to streamline their operations and maximize their profits.



  • Bench Scales

    Digital Bench Weighing Scales

    Bench scales are versatile weighing instruments that are designed to be placed on a bench or table for a wide range of weighing applications. These scales are available as a all-in-one bench scale, or a platform with a remote or pillar mounted indicator display. They are available in many weight capacities and readability/accuracy, from small-scale weighing to heavier loads.

    Bench scales utilise high-precision load cells or strain gauge sensors to provide accurate weight measurements. They come equipped with a digital display that shows weight readings in different units, such as kilograms, pounds, or ounces. Bench scales fare used in industries such as manufacturing, packaging, shipping, food processing, and laboratory settings. They offer convenience, reliability, and flexibility for weighing objects of different sizes and weights, making them an essential tool in various commercial environments.

  • Catering

    Catering Scales

    Digital catering scales are essential tools for professional chefs and catering businesses. They provide precise measurements of ingredients, which is crucial for ensuring consistency in the taste and presentation of food. Unlike traditional mechanical scales, digital catering scales have LCD screens that display weight readings, making them easy to read and track. They also have a range of features such as tare functions, auto shut-off, and units of measurement conversion, making them versatile and convenient to use.

    These scales come in different sizes and capacities to suit various needs. Some models have flat surfaces, while others have bowls or containers that can accommodate heavier objects. They can weigh both dry and wet ingredients, and some models can even measure the volume of liquids. Additionally, digital catering scales are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport. With these features, digital catering scales are a reliable tool for professional chefs and catering businesses to ensure the accuracy and quality of their dishes.

  • Counting Scales

    Counting scales are used for stock management and inventory control, they are ideal for warehouse and production facilities requiring both weighing and counting applications.

    If you are selling a product based on weight, please also see our EC Trade Approved section for models which include 'Trade Approved' options.

  • Postal Scales

    Postal weighing scales are designed for accurately measuring the weight of packages and parcels intended for shipping or postage. These scales are equipped with high-precision load cells and sensors that provide precise weight readings. They are available as a combined bench scale or platform type scale on which the packages are placed for weighing.

    Postal weighing scales are used by individuals or commercial businesses to determine the correct postage fees based on the weight of the item. They have the ability to convert weight measurements into different units, such as kilograms, pounds, or ounces. Postal weighing scales ensure accurate postage calculations, efficient shipping processes, and adherence to postal regulations and requirements.

  • Checkweighing Scales

    Checkweighing Scales

    Checkweighing scales are used to measure the weight of a product in relation to a pre-selected weight. In addition to general weighing, many models offer both audible and LED checkweighing lights to show the user if any items placed onto the scale are under, acceptable or overweight.

  • Laboratory and...

    Laboratory & Pharmaceutical Scales

    Laboratory and pharmaceutical scales are precision instruments used in chemical, physical, and biological laboratories, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. These scales are highly accurate, with many models being able to measure weight to within a thousandth of a gram. They are critical tools in the production and analysis of drugs, ensuring that the correct amount of each ingredient is used in the making of the drug. These scales are also used in research laboratories for accurate measurements of samples, with many models being able to weigh both solids and liquids.

    Laboratory and pharmaceutical scales come in different types and sizes, with some models featuring anti-static coatings to minimise electrostatic interference that can affect the accuracy of measurements. They often have a wide range of features such as calibration functions, memory storage, and connectivity to other laboratory equipment and software. Additionally, many laboratory and pharmaceutical scales are designed with user safety in mind, with features such as draft shields and overload protection. With their ability to provide precise and reliable measurements in demanding environments, laboratory and pharmaceutical scales are essential tools for researchers, scientists, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, ensuring the safety and quality of products in these industries.

  • Moisture Analysers

    Moisture Analyzers

    Moisture analyzer scales are specialized instruments designed to determine the moisture content of a sample material. They are commonly used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical production, where measuring moisture content is essential for ensuring product quality and safety. These scales combine the principles of temperature and weight measurement to determine the moisture content of a sample with high precision and accuracy.

    Moisture analyzer scales are available in a variety of designs, from compact handheld models to larger laboratory-scale units. These scales can measure moisture content levels in solid, semi-solid, or liquid samples, making them versatile tools for a range of applications. They are user-friendly, with some models featuring advanced features such as automatic calibration, customizable measurement programs, and built-in data storage. The information obtained from moisture analyzer scales is critical in quality control processes, allowing manufacturers to adjust production parameters to meet product specifications and ensure product consistency. With their accuracy, precision, and ease of use, moisture analyzer scales play a vital role in ensuring the quality and safety of products in numerous industries.

  • Precision Balances

    Precision Balances

    Precision balance scales are highly accurate instruments used for precise and sensitive weighing applications. These scales are designed to provide precise measurements of the weight of objects with exceptional accuracy and resolution. They employ advanced weighing technology, such as electromagnetic force restoration or strain gauge load cells, to achieve high precision. Precision balance feature a digital display that shows weight readings in increments as small as 0.001 grams or even finer.

    Precision Balances are widely used in laboratories, research facilities, pharmaceutical industries, and other environments where precise measurements are crucial. Precision balance scales enable precise formulation, experimentation, quality control, and other applications that demand utmost accuracy and reliability in weight measurement.

  • Shipping and Warehousing

    Shipping and Warehouse Scales

    Shipping and warehousing scales are versatile and can be used to weigh various types of products, from small packages to oversized items, making them suitable for a wide range of businesses. They are equipped with user-friendly features that allow for easy calibration, tare functions, and automated data capture. Additionally, some models come equipped with wireless connectivity, making them compatible with warehouse management systems. Shipping and warehousing scales play a vital role in ensuring product accuracy and consistency in transportation and storage, improving operational efficiency, and reducing costs associated with investigating compliance issues such as overweight fines.

    Overall, shipping and warehousing scales are essential tools for businesses that require accurate weight measurements of products during transport and storage. These scales are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the shipping and warehousing industry and provide a range of advanced features that improve operational efficiency. With their precision, versatility, and durability, shipping and warehousing scales are valuable investments for businesses seeking to ensure product quality, improve compliance, and increase profitability.

  • Washdown Scales

    Waterproof Washdown Scales

    Washdown scales are designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements, with many models featuring sealed buttons, water-resistant casings, and removable stainless-steel pans. They can also operate in both wet and dry environments, making them versatile and reliable. Additionally, washdown scales are available in various capacities and sizes, and some come with advanced features such as checkweighing and counting, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

    With their durable construction, ease of cleaning, and precision measurement capabilities, washdown scales are a valuable tool for maintaining the safety and quality of products in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

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