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Platform Size

Pallet Scales and Weighbeams

Pallet scales are robust weighing platforms designed for measuring the weight of pallets and large loads, commonly used in warehouses and shipping. Weighbeam scales are portable, versatile devices featuring beam arms for precision weighing of various items, ideal for agricultural and industrial applications. Both types ensure accurate measurements, enhancing efficiency and inventory management in diverse settings. They are essential tools in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and construction, where these scales provide accurate weight measurements for transportation, shipping, and storage purposes.

Pallet scales are designed to accommodate pallet loads, with some models capable of weighing up to several tons while still providing high-precision weight measurements. Weighbeam scales, on the other hand, are designed to weigh large objects such as vehicles or machinery.

Pallet scales and weighbeams are valuable tools for businesses that weigh large loads frequently. These scales provide accurate weight measurements and come equipped with advanced features that make them user-friendly and efficient. With their integration of advanced technology and durable materials, pallet and weighbeam scales can help improve compliance, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs for companies involved in the logistics, manufacturing, and construction industries.


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Adam AELP-GK Pallet Scales and GK Indicator Panel 1000kg - 2000kg

The Adam AELP-GK pallet weighing scale beams offers fast, precise mobile weighing with built in wheels and handles for mobility, c/w bright green LCD GK indicator display.

Capacity: 1000kg | 2000kg
Readability: 200g | 500g
Platform Size: 120mm x 1330mm

Brecknell PS2000 Platform Floor Scale 1000kg x 0.5kg

The Brecknell PS2000 is a 1000kg capacity 1416mm x 514mm heavy duty scale with adjustable, non slip feet and four load cells, that is suitable for veterinary practice and...

Capacity: 1000kg
Readability: 500g
Platform Size: 1498mm x 762mm

Brecknell DCSB Platform Scales 1500mm x 1500mm 2500kg - 5000kg

The Brecknell DCSB platform scale is their most rugged, heavy duty 1500mm x 1500mm scale, designed specifically for warehouse use. 

Capacity: 2500kg | 5000kg
Readability: 1kg | 500g
Platform Size: 1500mm x 1500mm

Adam PTSplus Pallet Truck Weighing Scales 2000kg x 0.5kg

The Adam PTSplus pallet truck weighing scale is designed as an easy way to manage, move and weigh heavy loads in commercial and industrial environments.

Capacity: 2000kg
Readability: 500g
Platform Size: 1200mm x 160mm (x2)

Adam PTT Pallet Truck Weighing Scales c/w Printer 2000kg x 0.5kg

The Adam PTT Pallet Truck Weighing Scale c/w a built-in printer that can print barcodes, QR codes, pictures and custom logos on 50mm-wide sticky labels.

Capacity: 2000kg
Readability: 500g
Platform Size: 1200mm x 160mm (x2)