Kern ADB Laboratory Analytical and Carat Balance 120g - 210g Kern and Sohn - 1
  • Kern ADB Laboratory Analytical and Carat Balance 120g - 210g Kern and Sohn - 1

Kern ADB Laboratory Analytical and Carat Balance 120g - 210g

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The Kern ADB Analytical balances are a compact design highly accurate balance, with a specific 600ct Carat Balance now available.

Kern: ADB 100-4
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Kern ADB Laboratory Analytical Balance - Capacity 120g to 210g

The Kern ADB analytical balance is a compact, cost efficient balance that is ideal for universities, schools and laboratories. The wired display device can be adjusted flexibly to suit the ergonomic requirements of the user or the workplace. In addition, it eliminates any heat effect on the weighing system from the display device.

The Kern ADB600-C3 is particular popular for use in the diamond and jewellery industries due to its extremely high level 0.001ct (0.0001g) of accuracy, crucial when weighing valuable precious stones.


  • Large glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors
  • Compact size
  • Data interface via RS232 connection
  • Piece counting and percentage determination functions
  • Simple and convenient 6-key operation
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Overall dimensions:
    • ADB: 230 x 310 x 330mm
    • ADB-C: 230 x 310 x 230 mm
  • Weighing space:
    • ADB: 170 x 160 x 205mm
    • ADB-C: 170 x 160 x 110mm
  • Permissible ambient temperature: 10 °C/30 °C
  • EU/UK Mains Power Adaptor (included)


Model Weighing Range (max g)  Readout (mg) Repeatability (mg) Linearity (mg)
ADB 100-4 120 0.1 (0.0001g) 0.2 ±0.4
ADB 200-4 220 0.1 (0.0001g) 0.2 ±0.4
ADB 600-C3 120 (600ct) 0.1 (0.001ct) 0.2 (0.002ct) ±0.4 (0.004ct)



Data sheet

120g | 220g | 600ct
0.0001g | 0.001ct
Platform Size
90mm Diameter
3 Years

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