Catering Scales

Digital catering scales are essential tools for professional chefs and catering businesses. They provide precise measurements of ingredients, which is crucial for ensuring consistency in the taste and presentation of food. Unlike traditional mechanical scales, digital catering scales have LCD screens that display weight readings, making them easy to read and track. They also have a range of features such as tare functions, auto shut-off, and units of measurement conversion, making them versatile and convenient to use.

These scales come in different sizes and capacities to suit various needs. Some models have flat surfaces, while others have bowls or containers that can accommodate heavier objects. They can weigh both dry and wet ingredients, and some models can even measure the volume of liquids. Additionally, digital catering scales are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport. With these features, digital catering scales are a reliable tool for professional chefs and catering businesses to ensure the accuracy and quality of their dishes.



  • Food Preparation Scales

    Digital food preparation scales are a must-have tool for any kitchen, whether it is a professional restaurant or a home kitchen. These scales provide accurate measurements of ingredients, making it easy to follow recipes and create perfectly proportioned meals. They are precise and reliable, providing weight readings in real-time, ensuring that the recipe is followed to the letter. Digital food preparation scales also make cooking and baking more efficient and less time-consuming, as they eliminate the need for measuring cups and spoons.

    These scales come in many different designs, with some models featuring touchless sensors for hands-free operation. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and capacities to accommodate different ingredients and portions. Modern digital food preparation scales also feature tare functions, auto shut-off, and calorie counting features, making them versatile and user-friendly. With these features, digital food preparation scales are an essential kitchen tool for anyone who loves to cook and bake, whether you are a professional chef or a home cook.

  • Washdown Scales

    Washdown scales are specialised scales designed for use in food processing and pharmaceutical industries where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance. These scales are designed to withstand harsh environments and are constructed with materials that resist corrosion and rust, making them easy to clean and sanitize. They are also water-resistant, making them suitable for use in areas where they are likely to get wet, such as in meat and seafood processing plants.

    Washdown scales are designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements, with many models featuring sealed buttons, water-resistant casings, and removable stainless-steel pans. They can also operate in both wet and dry environments, making them versatile and reliable. Additionally, washdown scales are available in various capacities and sizes, and some come with advanced features such as checkweighing and counting, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. With their durable construction, ease of cleaning, and precision measurement capabilities, washdown scales are a valuable tool for maintaining the safety and quality of products in food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

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My Weigh Barista Rechargeable Scale 3000g x 0.1g

A water-resistant kitchen scale, the My Weigh Barista scale has a timer and count function, stainless steel platform and is powered by a rechargeable battery for USB cable...

Capacity: 3000g
Readability: 0.1g
Platform Size: 119mm x 97mm

Ohaus Compass CR Portable Compact Bench Scale

The Ohaus Compass CR scales are a slimline, stackable, quality portable electronic scale, suitable for domestic or commercial weighing.

Capacity: 220g | 620g | 2200g | 5200g
Readability: 0.1g | 1g
Platform Size: 132mm x 125mm

Adam CBX Compact Rechargeable Portable Balances

The Adam CBX Compact Balances are a portable and easy to use scale with counting feature, they are powered by a rechargeable battery with easy recharged on-the-go via...

Capacity: 1200g | 3000g
Readability: 0.1g | 0.5g
Platform Size: 148mm x 148mm

Ohaus Compass CX Portable Electronic Balance

Ohaus Compass CX portable scales are energy-efficient, with 1000hr battery life, stackable, and have a stainless steel platform and back-lit display.

Capacity: 220g | 620g | 1200g | 2200g | 5200g
Readability: 0.1g | 1g
Platform Size: 142mm x 128mm

Adam LBK 6 Compact Bench Scales 6kg x 1g

The Adam LBK 6 is a great value compact, slim bench scale with a sealed keypad, strong ABS housing and stainless steel platform, suitable for many commercial applications.

Capacity: 6kg
Readability: 1g
Platform Size: 250mm x 180mm

Brecknell 430 Checkweighing Bench Scales 7kg x 0.5g

Brecknell 430 Portion Control Bench Scales are designed for use in commercial kitchens and stores, with a colour changing display and rechargeable battery for portability.

Capacity: 7kg
Readability: 0.5g
Platform Size: 263mm x 204mm

Ohaus Valor 1000 V12P Compact Kitchen Scales 3kg - 30kg

The Ohaus Valor 1000 V12P features simple two button operation, large backlit LCD display and up to 1,500-hour battery life, making this a great choice for food preparation.

Capacity: 3kg | 6kg | 15kg | 30kg
Readability: 0.5g | 1g | 2g | 5g
Platform Size: 245mm x 190mm

Ohaus Navigator NV LCD Portable Scales 220g - 2200g

Ohaus raises the bar in value-oriented scales…again! The NavigatorTM series offers a unique combination of features, ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection...

Capacity: 220g | 420g | 620g | 1200g | 2200g
Readability: 0.01g | 0.1g
Platform Size: 145mm Diameter | 190mm x 144mm

Brecknell C3236 IP68 Washdown Checkweighing Scales

The C3236 is a fully washdown, IP68, stainless steel scale that is ideal for commercial kitchen weighing, checkweighing and portion control applications.

Capacity: 3kg | 7kg | 15kg
Readability: 0.2g | 0.5g | 1g
Platform Size: 255mm x 190mm

Adam Latitude LBX Checkweighing Bench Scales 3kg - 30kg

The Adam Latitude LBX compact bench scales offers excellent value for weighing, percentage weighing, counting and checkweighing with an audible alarm.

Capacity: 3kg | 6kg | 12kg | 30kg
Readability: 0.5g | 1g | 2g | 5g
Platform Size: 245mm x 180mm

Ohaus FD Food Service Stainless Steel Scales 3kg - 15kg

The Ohaus FD Food Portioning Scales are a tough, fully stainless steel, fast multi-use commercial scale designed for use in food service applications.

Capacity: 3kg | 6kg | 15kg
Readability: 0.1g | 0.2g | 0.5g | 1g | 2g
Platform Size: 209mm x 209mm