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Bench Scales

Digital Bench Weighing Scales

Bench scales are versatile weighing instruments that are designed to be placed on a bench or table for a wide range of weighing applications. These scales are available as a all-in-one bench scale, or a platform with a remote or pillar mounted indicator display. They are available in many weight capacities and readability/accuracy, from small-scale weighing to heavier loads.

Bench scales utilise high-precision load cells or strain gauge sensors to provide accurate weight measurements. They come equipped with a digital display that shows weight readings in different units, such as kilograms, pounds, or ounces. Bench scales fare used in industries such as manufacturing, packaging, shipping, food processing, and laboratory settings. They offer convenience, reliability, and flexibility for weighing objects of different sizes and weights, making them an essential tool in various commercial environments.



  • Compact Bench Scales

    Compact bench scales are versatile weighing instruments designed for applications that require portability and space efficiency. These scales are compact in size, making them ideal for limited workspaces, small retail counters, or mobile weighing needs. Despite their smaller footprint, compact bench scales offer reliable and accurate weight measurements for a wide range of items.

    Compact Bench Scales are easy to move and transport, they have a built-in weighing platform and an intuitive user interface for quick and convenient operation.

    Compact bench scales come in many weight capacities to accommodate different weighing needs, whether it be weighing small parcels, ingredients in a kitchen, or retail products. They may include features like tare function, unit conversion, and simple calibration options for added versatility. With their compact size and functionality, these scales are suitable for businesses and individuals who require portable and space-saving weighing solutions without compromising on accuracy and performance.

  • Platform Bench Scales

    Platform bench scales are robust and durable weighing scales designed for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications. These scales feature a large, flat platform that provides a stable and spacious weighing surface to accommodate large and bulky items. The platforms are made of durable materials such as stainless steel or reinforced metal, allowing them to withstand heavy loads and harsh industrial environments.

    Platform bench scales offer high weight capacities, making them suitable for weighing goods, containers, or other oversized items. They are equipped with precise load cells and advanced digital technology to ensure accurate and reliable weight measurements. These scales feature a user-friendly indicator with clear screens for easy reading of weight values. With their robust construction and large platform size, platform bench scales are designed to handle heavy loads and provide accurate weight measurements in demanding industrial and commercial settings.

  • Pillar Bench Scales

    Bench scales with pillar mounted indicators are weighing scales that combine a weighing platform with a separate display unit mounted on a pillar or column. These scales are designed to provide clear visibility and easy access to weight readings, particularly in environments where the weighing platform might be obstructed or difficult to reach.

    The weighing platform is usually placed at a low height, allowing users to conveniently place items on it for weighing. The pillar or column, holds the display unit at a comfortable angle, ensuring optimal visibility of weight readings. This configuration allows users to easily read the weight measurements without the need to bend down or strain their necks.

    With their pillar-mounted indicators, these bench scales offer enhanced ergonomics and user-friendliness, making them ideal for applications where clear and accessible weight readings are essential.

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Jennings JScale JT2 Stackable Bench Scale 350g - 1000g

The Jennings JT-2 general purpose scale can be used as a jewellery scale, postal scale, and kitchen weighing, c/w easily stackable protective cover.

Capacity: 350g | 1000g
Readability: 0.01g | 0.1g
Platform Size: 115mm Diameter

My Weigh Titan Tough Portable Bench Scales 23st/ 150kg

The My Weigh Titan is a very popular high capacity 23st/ 150kg portable scales, with a bevelled heavy duty non-slip surface.

Capacity: 23st | 150kg | 330lb
Readability: 0.1kg | 0.2lb
Platform Size: 325mm x 318mm

Jennings CJ300 Compact Kitchen Scale 300g x 0.1g

The Jennings JScale CJ300 digital scale has a stainless steel platform and protective cover with pouring spout that doubles as a bowl, perfect for busy kitchens.

Capacity: 300g
Readability: 0.1g
Platform Size: 134mm Diameter

Jennings CJ600 Compact Kitchen Scale 600g x 0.1g

The Jennings JScale CJ600 is an economical compact bench scale that is packed with features normally found on more expensive scales, plus a cover that doubles as a bowl.

Capacity: 600g
Readability: 0.1g
Platform Size: 134mm Diameter

Jennings CJ4000 Compact Kitchen Scale 4kg x 0.5g

The Jennings CJ4000 is a compact kitchen scale with a stainless steel platform, a cover that doubles as a bowl and a good sized backlit LCD display, plus a UK/EU Mains...

Capacity: 4000g
Readability: 0.5g
Platform Size: 134mm Diameter

My Weigh iBalance i500 Professional Scales 500g x 0.1g

The My Weigh iBalance i500 is an economical professional scale incorporating commercial German grade sensors, ensuring durability and accuracy.

Capacity: 500g
Readability: 0.1g
Platform Size: 148mm x 148mm

My Weigh iBalance i1200 Professional Scales 1200g x 0.1g

The My Weigh iBalance i1200 is a professional bench scale with commercial grade load sensors, making this scale incredibly accurate and favourite with Jewellers and Paint...

Capacity: 1200g
Readability: 0.1g
Platform Size: 148mm x 148mm

Ohaus Compass CX Portable Electronic Balance

Ohaus Compass CX portable scales are energy-efficient, with 1000hr battery life, stackable, and have a stainless steel platform and back-lit display.

Capacity: 220g | 620g | 1200g | 2200g | 5200g
Readability: 0.1g | 1g
Platform Size: 142mm x 128mm

Adam CBX Compact Rechargeable Portable Balances

The Adam CBX Compact Balances are a portable and easy to use scale with counting feature, they are powered by a rechargeable battery with easy recharged on-the-go via...

Capacity: 1200g | 3000g
Readability: 0.1g | 0.5g
Platform Size: 148mm x 148mm

Kern EHA Compact Precision Balance 500g - 3000g

The compact all-round weighing scale with robust stainless steel weighing plate for us in laboratories, industries and for teaching

Capacity: 500g | 1000g | 3000g
Readability: 0.01g | 0.1g | 1g
Platform Size: 105mm Diameter | 120mm x 120mm

My Weigh HD Heavy Duty Platform Scales 68kg or 136kg

The My Weigh HD Heavy Duty platform scales have a large 355mm x 355mm platform and are built for commercial warehouse operations, and come c/w RS232 port and lead.

Capacity: 68kg | 136kg
Readability: 20g | 50g
Platform Size: 355mm x 355mm

My Weigh iBalance i2600 High Capacity Professional Scale 2600g x 0.1g

The My Weigh iBalance i2600 high capacity precision scale uses a 26000 division load cell, these commercial grade sensors make this scale incredibly accurate and durable. 

Capacity: 2600g
Readability: 0.1g
Platform Size: 165mm x 140mm

Brecknell PS Slimline Parcel and Shipping Scale 70kg or 180kg

The stylish Brecknell PS Slimline 300mm x 300mm x 25mm Portable Parcel and Shipping Scale with Remote Display, ideal warehouse applications.

Capacity: 70kg | 180kg
Readability: 50g | 100g
Platform Size: 300mm x 300mm

My Weigh HDCS Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Platform Scales 60kg or 150kg

The My Weigh HDCS platform scales are an economical heavy duty warehouse platform scale, with a larger than many 400mm x 350mm stainless steel platform.

Capacity: 60kg | 150kg
Readability: 20g | 50g
Platform Size: 400mm x 350mm

Jennings JScale TB600 - 600g x 0.01g Precision Balance

The Jennings JScale TB600 has a 600g capacity x 0.01g readability, an economical laboratory balance with an RS232 socket for connection to a PC and dual front and rear...

Capacity: 600g
Readability: 0.01g
Platform Size: 135mm x 120mm

Brecknell 6030 Portion Control Scales IP67 Washdown 5kg x 1g

Brecknell 6030 IP67 portion control scale, totally portable and runs off a 9v battery which gives approximately 20 hours of continuous use c/w food grade 304 stainless steel...

Capacity: 5kg
Readability: 1g
Platform Size: 150mm x 120mm

Jennings JScale TB11000 Precision Balance 11kg x 0.5g

The Jennings JScale TB11000 has a high 11000g capacity x 0.5g readability, an economical laboratory balance with an RS232 socket for connection to a PC and dual front and...

Capacity: 11000g
Readability: 0.5g
Platform Size: 165mm x 190mm

Brecknell GP100 USB Portable Bench Scales 45kg x 100g

The GP100 USB 45kg x 100g portable bench scale offers the user complete mobility with a combination of lightweight, one piece design, built in carrying handle and battery...

Capacity: 45kg
Readability: 100g
Platform Size: 318mm x 278mm

Brecknell GP250 USB Portable Bench Scales 110kg x 200g

The GP250 USB 110kg capacity portable bench scale offers the user complete portability with a combination of lightweight, one piece design, built in carrying handle and...

Capacity: 110kg
Readability: 200g
Platform Size: 318mm x 278mm

Brecknell WS15 Portable Bench Platform Scale 15kg x 5g

The Brecknell WS15 is a tough low profile platform bench scale with a good sized stainless steel platform with remote display at a very competitive price.

Capacity: 15kg
Readability: 5g
Platform Size: 380mm x 300mm

Brecknell WS120 Portable Bench Platform Scale 120kg x 50g

The Brecknell WS120 Portable Bench Platform Scale is battery and mains powered, 120kg capacity, 50g readability and stainless steel 380mm x 300mm platform.

Capacity: 120kg
Readability: 50g
Platform Size: 380mm x 300mm

Brecknell WS60 Portable Bench Platform Scale 60kg x 20g

The Brecknell WS60 is a battery and mains powered electronic portable platform bench scale with self-levelling feet giving economical high performance.

Capacity: 60kg
Readability: 20g
Platform Size: 380mm x 300mm

Adam LBK 6 Compact Rechargeable Bench Scales 6kg x 1g

The Adam LBK 6 is a great value compact, slim bench scale with a sealed keypad, strong ABS housing and stainless steel platform and rechargeable battery, suitable for many...

Capacity: 6kg
Readability: 1g
Platform Size: 250mm x 180mm

My Weigh PD750 Extreme Platform Scales 340kg x 100g

My Weigh PD750 Extreme is a heavy duty IP54, multi use platform scale with a high 340kg capacity, and it is suitable for use in hot or cold conditions environments.

Capacity: 340kg
Readability: 100g
Platform Size: 360mm x 360mm

My Weigh PD750L Heavy Duty Platform Scale 340kg x 100g

The My Weigh PD750L is a heavy duty platform shipping scale with remote Bluetooth wireless display, high 340kg capacity and generous 450mm x 350mm platform.

Capacity: 340kg
Readability: 100g
Platform Size: 450mm x 350mm