Postal Scales

Postal weighing scales are designed for accurately measuring the weight of packages and parcels intended for shipping or postage. These scales are equipped with high-precision load cells and sensors that provide precise weight readings. They are available as a combined bench scale or platform type scale on which the packages are placed for weighing.

Postal weighing scales are used by individuals or commercial businesses to determine the correct postage fees based on the weight of the item. They have the ability to convert weight measurements into different units, such as kilograms, pounds, or ounces. Postal weighing scales ensure accurate postage calculations, efficient shipping processes, and adherence to postal regulations and requirements.


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Ohaus Compass CR Portable Compact Bench Scale

The Ohaus Compass CR scales are a slimline, stackable, quality portable electronic scale, suitable for domestic or commercial weighing.

Capacity: 220g | 620g | 2200g | 5200g
Readability: 0.1g | 1g
Platform Size: 132mm x 125mm

Adam CBX Compact Rechargeable Portable Balances

The Adam CBX Compact Balances are a portable and easy to use scale with counting feature, they are powered by a rechargeable battery with easy recharged on-the-go via...

Capacity: 1200g | 3000g
Readability: 0.1g | 0.5g
Platform Size: 148mm x 148mm

Ohaus Compass CX Portable Electronic Balance

Ohaus Compass CX portable scales are energy-efficient, with 1000hr battery life, stackable, and have a stainless steel platform and back-lit display.

Capacity: 220g | 620g | 1200g | 2200g | 5200g
Readability: 0.1g | 1g
Platform Size: 142mm x 128mm

My Weigh HD Heavy Duty Platform Scale 68kg or 136kg

The My Weigh HD Heavy Duty platform scales have a large 355mm x 355mm platform and are built for commercial warehouse operations, and come c/w RS232 port and lead.

Capacity: 68kg | 136kg
Readability: 20g | 50g
Platform Size: 355mm x 355mm

Brecknell GP100 USB Portable Bench Scales 45kg x 100g

The GP100 USB 45kg x 100g portable bench scale offers the user complete mobility with a combination of lightweight, one piece design, built in carrying handle and battery...

Capacity: 45kg
Readability: 100g
Platform Size: 318mm x 278mm

My Weigh PD750 Extreme Platform Scales 340kg x 100g

My Weigh PD750 Extreme is a heavy duty IP54, multi use platform scale with a high 340kg capacity, and it is suitable for use in hot or cold conditions environments.

Capacity: 340kg
Readability: 100g
Platform Size: 360mm x 360mm
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Ohaus SD Heavy Duty Portable Bench Scale 35kg or 75kg

* Discontinued - Ohaus SD35 and SD75 are tough rugged portable bench scales designed for everyday warehouse and industrial use, operating by 240v mains or 360Hr battery.

Capacity: 35kg | 75kg
Readability: 20g | 50g
Platform Size: 316mm x 280mm

Kern DE Dual Range Platform Scales with IP65 Display

The Kern DE series Dual Range Platform Scale is a low profile multi functional scale with IP65 water resistant display and comes c/w an RS232 socket for computer connection...

Capacity: 3kg | 6kg | 12kg | 15kg | 24kg | 30kg | 35kg | 60kg | 120kg | 150kg | 300kg
Readability: 0.2g | 0.5g | 1g | 2g | 5g | 10g | 20g | 50g | 100g
Platform Size: 522mm x 403mm | 522mm x 406mm | 650mm x 500mm