Bathroom Scales

Digital bathroom scales have become a popular tool for people who want to track their weight and monitor their fitness goals. These scales are designed to be easy to use and provide precise readings quickly, making them a convenient addition to any bathroom. Digital bathroom scales work by using sensors that detect the pressure placed on the scale's surface and convert this information into an electronic signal that is displayed on a digital screen.

Many come with additional features that can enhance the user experience. Some have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect to their mobile devices and track their weight over time. Other scales have built-in memory, allowing multiple users to track their weight independently. Additionally, some can calculate body mass index (BMI) and other metrics such as body fat percentage, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the user's overall health. With their convenience and features, digital bathroom scales have become an essential tool for anyone looking to monitor their weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



  • Talking Bathroom Scales

    Talking bathroom scales are designed to provide accessibility and independence to anybody who is visually impaired or finds it hard to read a bathroom scales display. These scales incorporate specialized features that go beyond traditional scales, utilizing audio technology to communicate weight measurements audibly. Through clear and easily distinguishable verbal cues, these scales announce the weight measurement as soon as the user steps onto the scale's platform. This real-time audio feedback eliminates the need for users to rely on sighted assistance or struggle with inaccessible displays, empowering them to manage their weight with privacy and confidence.

  • Body Health Analysers

    Body health analyser scales are scales that measure various health metrics such as weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more,

    They provide users with helpful insights into their overall health, fitness, BMI, and weight.

  • Bluetooth & Wireless...

    Bluetooth baby scales are specialised weighing scales designed for babies and infants. They incorporate Bluetooth technology to seamlessly transmit weight data to smartphones or other devices, facilitating precise and convenient monitoring of a baby's growth. These scales offer parents the ability to track their child's weight trends and share the information with healthcare professionals for comprehensive paediatric care.

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Terraillon Slimline Bathroom Scale 25st/ 160kg

The modern looking Terraillon Window Bathroom Scales has a glass platform wrapped in a durable plastic shell for a simple yet elegant scale that will complement any...

Capacity: 25st | 160kg
Readability: 0.1kg | 0.2lb
Platform Size: 325mm x 325mm