Brecknell B240 Counting Scales 7kg x 0.2g Brecknell - 1
  • Brecknell B240 Counting Scales 7kg x 0.2g Brecknell - 1
  • Brecknell B240 Counting Scales 7kg x 0.2g Brecknell - 2
  • Brecknell B240 Counting Scales 7kg x 0.2g Brecknell - 3
  • Brecknell B240 Counting Scales 7kg x 0.2g Brecknell - 4

Brecknell B240 Counting Scales 7kg x 0.2g

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With a touch screen display and built in 1000 SKU database, the Brecknell B240 is ideal for use in any high volume parts counting, warehouse or assembly areas.

Brecknell: B240 - 7kg x 0.2g
Brecknell Calibration Certificate: Not Required
Delivery 1-2 days

Brecknell B240 Counting Scales with built-in 1000 unit Database - Capacity 7kg x 0.2g

Designed for counting and weighing, the Brecknell B240 Counting Scales provides an easy-to-use sampling process to deliver highly accurate sampling, along with a built-in database for fast recall of already stored piece weights and other part number data.

The Brecknell B240 offers a range of fast sampling routines to meet most operators’ requirements. Sampling routines like auto piece weight updates, which allows you to keep adding parts to a sample to build up a more accurate piece weight.

Display: The colour touch screen provides the operator with an array of useful data to best help them carry out their role

Database: The B240 scales comes with a built-in database for holding a wide range of stored data from customer address data to around 1000 SKU's/PLU's (Price Look Up) for storing part numbers, descriptions, piece weights, tare weights, part quantities on hand, and upper and lower accept check count points

Check Counting: Designed for speed and efficiency, the B240 counting scales are ideal for applications where parts are regularly packed to standard box quantities. The colour touch screen display provides the operator with a fast and easy visual to indicate when the correct quantity of parts is in the accept range. By tapping the screen, the display is maximized for even better visibility.

Accumulation: The Brecknell B240 has the ability to easily accumulate counted parts to give a running total, which is ideal when large quantities of parts are being counted

The base is constructed of ABS plastic, which provides outstanding protection for daily weight usage and is fitted with a removable stainless steel pan.

AC and battery powered, the B240 comes standard with an internal rechargeable lead acid battery that will provide around four hours of battery life - ideal for areas where power outlets are limited.


  • Capacity: 7kg x 0.0002kg (0.2g) / 15lb x 0.0005lb
  • Unit: lb, kg, g
  • Display: 7" colour graphic touch screen display with 800 x 480 resolution
  • Database: 1000 PLU's
  • Power: Mains AC adaptor (included) and built-in rechargeable battery
  • Battery life: Four hours between recharges
  • Communication ports: 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x RS-232 and 1 x Ethernet
  • Scale features: Counting, check-weighing, customer ID, PLU and inventory control database
  • Scale dimensions (L x W x H): 14.9" x 13" x 5.2" / 378mm x 330mm x 132mm
  • Platform dimensions (L x W): 9" x 12" / 230mm x 305mm
  • Weight: 3.6kg

Please also see the Brecknell B140 Counting Scale, a very similar specification but without the database function.

Alternative, for a 2kg capacity Coin Counting Scale, please see the Brecknell CC804.


Data sheet

Platform Size
305mm x 220mm
1 Year

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