Ohaus Valor 2000 IPx8 ABS Waterproof Catering Scales 1.5kg - 15kg Ohaus - 1
  • Ohaus Valor 2000 IPx8 ABS Waterproof Catering Scales 1.5kg - 15kg Ohaus - 1
  • Ohaus Valor 2000 IPx8 ABS Waterproof Catering Scales 1.5kg - 15kg Ohaus - 2
  • Ohaus Valor 2000 IPx8 ABS Waterproof Catering Scales 1.5kg - 15kg Ohaus - 3
  • Ohaus Valor 2000 IPx8 ABS Waterproof Catering Scales 1.5kg - 15kg Ohaus - 4
  • Ohaus Valor 2000 IPx8 ABS Waterproof Catering Scales 1.5kg - 15kg Ohaus - 5

Ohaus Valor 2000 IPx8 ABS Waterproof Catering Scales 1.5kg - 15kg

£264.95  (£220.79+vat).

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The Ohaus Valor 2000 V22PW is an IPX8 waterproof, dual display, rapid response food scale that enhances productivity in harsh commercial environments.

Ohaus: V22PWE1501T - 1.5kg x 0.2g
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Ohaus Valor 2000 V22PW IPx8 Waterproof Compact Catering Scales: Capacity 1.5kg - 6kg

The Ohaus Valor 2000 V22PW IPx8 waterproof food scale raises the bar and sets a new industry-high standard through its unmatched efficiency, accuracy and durability. A water resistant ABS design with IPX8 protection, the largest LED display on the market, almost instantaneous results and high accuracy are just a few of the reasons that the Valor 2000 is the premiere scale for working with liquids or in a wet environment, and is particularly great used as a catering scale.

The food processing industry demands high accuracy, durability, but most of all, speed. The all-new Valor 2000 offers all of these things, at a price range that is unbeatable in it's class.

With an overload protection of 150%, extreme water resistance and a lightning fast stabilisation time - all of this available in 4 capacities, making the new Valor 2000 the scale other scale companies can only dream of.


  • Maximum Resolution: 1:6000/1:7500
  • Weighing Units: g/lb
  • Application Mode: Weighing
  • Keyboard: Two mechanical switches with polycarbonate overlay
  • Calibration: Digital external span calibration
  • Display: 7 segment, 6 digit / 20.5 mm high red dual LED displays (one front, one back)
  • Display Indicators: Stability, centre of zero, net, battery status
  • Tare Range: To capacity by subtraction
  • Zero Range: 4% - 20% of Capacity
  • Stabilisation time: ≤0.5 seconds
  • Overload Capacity: 150% of Capacity
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10ºC to 40ºC, 10% to 90% | relative humidity non-condensing
  • Construction: Stainless steel platform, ABS housing
  • Power: 12V DC 0.84A | AC universal adapter (100 - 220V AC/50-60Hz) included
  • Battery life: Internal rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery with 50 hours continuous use
  • Ingress Protection: IPX8 Water In, Water Out
  • Platform Size: 190 x 245 mm
  • Scale Dimensions (WxDxH): 280 x 256 x 121 mm
  • Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH): 410 x 370 x 220 mm
  • Net Weight: 3kg
  • Shipping Weight: 4kg


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Added Features

  • Knife-Protected and Chemical Resistant Overlay
  • Protection From Water Damage
  • Level Bubble
  • Removable Stainless Steel Platform
  • Excellent for food portioning
  • Spring-Loaded Power Connector Cover


Additional Information

Knife Proof Overlay Prevents Damage from Sharp Objects - The new Valor 2000 is constructed with highly durable 0.5 mm polycarbonate overlay, protecting it when it comes in contact with sharp objects such as knives, scissors, and other kitchen tools. Its two function keys can even be safely pressed with sharp objects so the operator never has to put down their to ol or utensil or interrupt the flow of their work!

Flow Thru™ Design Protects Valor 2000 from Water Damage - The flow-thru, water-resistant design allows for safe weighing of liquid components and can be used in harsh or damp environments. Valor 2000's IPX8 full waterproof construction and silicon glue sealing design to its PCBA make it durable in extreme environments and eliminates the risk of water damage. Additionally, cleaning your scale has never been safer and easier, further ensuring the cleanliness of your workstation

Valor 2000 Produces Fast and Accurate Results Time and Time Again - This highly accurate scale has a 1:6,000/7,500 maximum displayed resolution and displays results in less than half a second, increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Maximize your time and get more accomplished in a shorter time period with the assistance of Valor 2000's speed and precision

Large Dual Displays Allow Two Operators to Easily Work on Valor 2000 at the Same Time - Two large displays allow two operators to share one scale and are easy-to-read even from a distance. The LED screens are almost one inch high and 46% larger than comparable products. The size of the screens make results easy to read in dark and dim conditions. With the option to have two operators use the same machine comes the opportunity to reduce the number of scales needed to do a job in half the time, subsequently cutting your equipment costs in half

Power and Portability - The 100-240 VAC universal power adapter can be operated from virtually any power source and automatically switch to adapt to different power and voltage lines. When plugging your machine in is not an option, the built-in, rechargeable lead acid battery will provide power for 50 continuous hours, ensuring uninterrupted operation for more than a full work week! Simple Operation Valor® 2000 was designed with the basic weighing needs of the food industry in mind. It is extremely easy to setup and operate, resulting in increased productivity


Model Capacity Accuracy
V22PWE1501T 1.5kg 0.2g
V22PWE3T 3kg 0.5g
V22PWE6T 6kg 1g
V22PWE15T 15kg 2g


Data sheet

1.5kg | 3kg | 6kg | 15kg
0.2g | 0.5g | 1g | 2g
Platform Size
245mm x 190mm

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