Washdown Scales

Waterproof Washdown Scales

Washdown scales are designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements, with many models featuring sealed buttons, water-resistant casings, and removable stainless-steel pans. They can also operate in both wet and dry environments, making them versatile and reliable. Additionally, washdown scales are available in various capacities and sizes, and some come with advanced features such as checkweighing and counting, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

With their durable construction, ease of cleaning, and precision measurement capabilities, washdown scales are a valuable tool for maintaining the safety and quality of products in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.


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Kern EOC Industrial High Resolution IP65 Platform Scale 3kg - 300kg

The Kern EOC Platform Counting and Weighing Scales are IP65 waterproof, have an RS232 Interface and are available in a wide range of capacities and sizes.

Capacity: 3kg | 6kg | 15kg | 30kg | 60kg | 150kg | 300kg
Readability: 0.5g | 1g | 2g | 5g | 10g | 20g | 50g | 100g
Platform Size: 300mm x 300mm | 500mm x 400mm | 600mm x 500mm | 950mm x 500mm