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Salter Brecknell S100 General Purpose Platform Scale

Salter Brecknell S100 General Purpose Platform Scale

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The S100 is a low cost general purpose self-contained industrial scale with RS-232 interface for simple nontrade weighing applications. Available in a choice of 3 capacities, the new S100 offers an accurate, flexible and reliable weighing solution at an affordable price, suited to a wide range of applications  

Column or Desk Mount Indicator

Attach the indicator to the stainless steel column to provide a total height of 36.5" (927 mm) or remote the indicator up to 48" (1220 mm) without the use of column

RS-232 Interface

SBI 100 indicator can be configured for weight only or GTN via continuous output, print key, or stable weight. Choose bi-directional interface for communication to a PC

Weight Hold Functions

Can be configurable for manual button release, automatic release on change in weight, or within +/- 3-50 scale divisions

Internal Rechargeable Battery

Low battery and battery charging annunciators indicate status of lead-acid battery. Battery is charged while AC power is active.

Units Switching

Can be configured for LB/KG switching LB only, or KG only

Adjustable Resolution Setting

Factory default setting of 6,000 or 7,500 divisions can be modified to increase performance within certain applications

Adjustable Scale Setting

Power on zero, AZT, 4 filter settings, weight stability, overload, baud rate and status bits

Robust Design

Re-enforced painted mild steel base, stainless steel weight platter and pole, robust ABS plastic indicator with strain relief connections, and heavy duty adjustable foot assemblies


Platform Dimensions

75Kg x 10g

559 x 457mm/22" x 18"

150Kg x 20g

559 x 457mm/22" x 18"

300kg x 50g

559 x 457mm/22" x 18"


   Key features include

  • Accuracy– 0.01% of full scale
  • Capacity– 150 lb (75 kg), 300 lb (150 kg) and 600 lb (300 kg)
  • Construction– Stainless steel weight platter, painted mild steel base, ABS indicator stainless steel pole
  • Display– Large, easy to read, bright red LED display Display height 930mm
  • Power– AC/Mains power and built-in rechargeable lead-acid battery (Adaptor /recharger supplied)
  • Operator Keys– Power/Zero, Tare, Units, Hold/Print
  • Platform Length– 18" x 22" (457 mm x 559 mm)
  • RS232– Standard
  • Low cost high weighing performance Platform.
  • Function keys On /Off/Zero, Tare, Units, Hold Print.
  • Indicator can be Bench or Column mounted (with swivel) as standard - large clear display..

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