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My Weigh Lighterscale

My Weigh Lighterscale

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My Weigh Lighter Scale 500g x 0.1g and 100g x 0.01g versions

The new My Weigh Lighter Scale is a unique scale that delivers on being a very accurate & reliable scale for its size & price. The MyWeigh LighterScale.

Big on Style and Capacity

The My Weigh Lighter Scale comes in two awesome 'lighter-case' designs: 'Smoking Dog' & 'Chrome finish': housed protectively inside the case is the scale. The scale houses many features that are normally found in bigger scales: a WHOPPING 500g capacity (the scale platform is 1.3" x 1.8" but can be expanded by using the enclosed Clear-Plastic Scale Cover that doubles as an Expansion-Tray).

Big on Features

One of the bigger values this scale holds is the WEIGHMETER Technology normally found on My Weighs' high-end scales; this feature allows you to see a gradual set of bars grow in numbers as you add more weight to the scale: once the scale is close to the max weight-limit, the LCD Screen will display 'OVERLOAD' to warn you that the scale is nearing its weight-limit & will help you prevent accidental overload (this can save your scale's delicate internal circuitry).

Many other features make this scale a best-buy: four weighing modes (variable see specification table below), Low-Battery warning, Tare feature, Stainless-Steel Weighing-Platform, Bright-Blue LCD Display, Protective Cover that doubles as an Expansion-Tray and a host of other great features!

Small in Size and Accuracy

The accuracy of the scale is 0.1g for the 500g version and a stunning 0.01g for the 100g version. The sleek & durable styling of the scale makes it functional for many small weighing needs, but also stylish whether inside the lighter-case or out.


Lighterscale L2 100g Lighterscale L2 500g
Accuracy/Readability 0.01g0.1g
Calibration Weight100g (not supplied)
500g (not supplied)
Heavy-Duty Lighter-Case, Protective-Cover (Doubles as a Weighing Tray)
Tray/Platform Size
Weighing Tray - 1.5" x 2.8" or 3.8cm x 7cm/ Platform - 1.3" x 1.8" or 3.3cm x 4.5cm
3" X 1.5"
Bright-Blue & easy-to-read LCD Display
Power Source
1 x CR-2032 Battery
Operation temp.
Optimum: 15°C-30°C / 60°F-90°F
Tare range
Tare full capacity
grams, ounces, carats and grains
grams, ounces, troy ounces and pennyweight
MyWeigh 3-Year Warranty


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