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Kern IKT Trade-Approved Platform Scale

Kern IKT Trade-Approved Platform Scale

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Kern IKT Platform Scale

Touchscreen platform scale with an enormous range of functions, including counting, dispensing, checkweighing and much more.


  • Innovative touchscreen: Large touch-sensitive, backlit screen with very good contrast for easy operation and convenient reading
  • Maximum transparency: All function keys are labelled with plain text which ensures that they are easily understood. The menu tree overlay in the info bar allows you to see at a glance which function is currently in use
  • Convenient recipe weighing: 5 recipes each with 7 components can be stored in plain text


Technical Data

  • Back-lit LCD graphic display with digit height 18 mm, screen diagonal 5.8" (approx. 147 mm, WxH 108x74 mm)
  • Dimensions of weighing plate stainless steel (WxDxH)
    • A: 228x228x70 mm
    • B: 315x305x75 mm
    • C: 450x350x115 mm
    • D: 650x500x142 mm
  • Dimensions of display device WxDxH 200x155x68 mm
  • Permissible ambient temperature 10 °C / 40 °C



ModelWeighing range
(Max kg.)
Min. piece weight
Weighing plate
IKT 6K0.160,10,17,5B
IKT 12K0.2120,20,27,5B
IKT 30K0.5300,50,57,5B
IKT 60K1L60119,5C
IKT 120K2L120229,5C
IKT 150K2XL1502220D
IKT 300K5XL3005520D
High-resolution display
IKT 3K0.01S30,010,015,1A
IKT 8K0.0580,050,057,5B
IKT 10K0.1S100,10,15,1A
IKT 16K0.1160,10,17,5B
IKT 30K0.1300,10,17,5B
IKT 30K0.1L300,10,19,5C
IKT 36K0.2360,20,27,5B
FKT 36K0.2L360,20,29,5C
IKT 60K0.2L600,20,29,5C
IKT 65K0.5L650,50,59,5C
IKT 100K0.5L1000,50,59,5C
IKT 150K1L150119,5C


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