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Ohaus CKW Trade Approved Bench Scale

Ohaus CKW Trade Approved Bench Scale

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10Ohaus CKW Checkweigh Bench Scale

Ohaus CKW Series Scales are engineered for static checkweighing operations and other types of bench weighing applications – from general purpose to washdown. With their easy-to-clean design to minimise food traps, food safety conformance, and rigid stainless steel construction, CKW Series scales are ideally suited for years of use in harsh environments and other wet-environment applications. Its multiple configurability and construction were designed for simplicity and dependability that the user needs, resulting in increased productivity, security and lower cost of ownership.


  • 4 capacity models: 3kg/6lb, 6kg/15lb, 15kg/30lb, 30kg/60lb with 3 base sizes
  • Passivated 304 stainless steel platform with extended skirt and “open architecture” frame
  • Stainless steel IP66 indicator and IP67 load cell
  • High-contract LED displays with adjustable brightness control
  • Multiple weighing units: kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz, %
  • 100-240 VAC Universal power supply with optional 10-hour internal rechargeable NiMH battery



CKW3R55-M3kg1g254 x 254 mm
CKW6R55-M6kg2g254 x 254 mm
CKW15L55-M15kg5g305 x 305 mm
CKW30L55-M30kg10g305 x 305 mm


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