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My Weigh Galileo 2 Body Fat Scale and Water Scale

My Weigh Galileo 2 Body Fat Scale and Water Scale


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My Weigh Galileo 2 Body Fat and Water Scale

This sleekly styled Galileo 2 bathroom scale features advanced digital weighing technology that provides a high tech analysis of the fitness level of the user. It measures the percentage of body fat, body water, muscle, bone weight and total weight for up to 8 individual users. The scale has a large capacity of 330 lbs, 150 kg, or 23 stone.

The Galileo uses one of the most reliable methods of analyzing body composition, BIA, short for bioelectrical impedance analysis. BIA is based on a persons height, weight and the strength and speed at which a very safe, low-level electrical signal passes through the muscle and fat in the body. The Galileo 2 uses a true BIA process that is accurate, convenient and fast. Electrodes built into the metal Foot Pads sends a safe electronic signal through the body. Weight and body fat are calculated automatically.


  • 8-User Memory personal data storage
  • Sense On Technology
  • Easy to use and program
  • Fat Graduation: 0.1%
  • Body Fat measure range: 3-50%
  • Water Graduation: 0.1%
  • Water measure range: 25-75%
  • Muscle Graduation: 0.1%
  • Muscle measure range 25-75%
  • Easy to use and program
  • Extra large digital display
  • Extra Durable large glass top platform
  • 18.8mm height
  • Reads in Stones and pounds, Pounds & kilograms
  • accurate within 1% of actual weight
  • Weight Capacity:  23 Stone (330 lb/150 kg)
  • Operates on included batteries
  • 3 Year International Warranty

It's Important to Know Your Body Fat

Carrying too much body fat can increase your risk of developing many serious health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Research has shown that maintaining a healthy weight and body fat range can reduce your risk and help prevent the onset of these conditions. Unlike weight, body fat is not always visible and it can't be determined on an ordinary scale. Until recently, estimating body fat has been an expensive, time consuming process usually conducted only through medical and athletic facilities-or simply left to guesswork.

The Galileo 2 Lets You Take Control

The Galileo 2 gives you a more complete picture of the shape you're in by accurately determining your body fat percentage. It's an essential tool for monitoring the process of any exercise and diet program because it tells you if you're losing pounds from fat or muscle. The Galileo 2 gives you the facts you need to make the right fitness decisions. Over time, it provides you with the knowledge you need to take the right steps toward a healthier life.

Important Notice

Galileo 2 requires bare feet for proper conductivity while measuring body fat. Do not use if you are using the following equipment- Cardiac pacemaker, electrocardiograph and/ or other medical devices implanted in the body or used for support. This, and most electronic weight scales will not work on plush carpeted surfaces. Carpeting dissipates your weight and will prevent accurate readings.

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